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Apple may be a technology business leader with a solid name and extremely sought after product. Despite this, robot had collected a commanding eighty six.2 p.c of smartphone sales as of the second quarter of two016. however did Apple’s biggest rival slip past them within the race for technical school dominance? whereas the list is sort of prolonged, here square measure ten of the highest reasons that numerous enthusiasts opt for robot over Apple.

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  1. Universal Chargers
    Apple’s Lightning connective works on all mobile Apple devices purchased once 2012. If your Apple device is older than that, its charger won’t work on your newer device. The new Lightning connective won’t work on devices aside from Apple while not a Lightning to small USB adapter. Android, meanwhile, already uses the standardised and present small USB association for its chargers.
  1. additional Phone decisions
    Apple enthusiasts have a restricted choice of phones on the market for upgrades, whereas robot users have many brands of phones to settle on from at completely different worth levels.
  2. Removable Storage and Battery
    Increasing memory capability in Associate in Nursing iPhone or iPad needs a pricey upgrade, however several robot
    devices have expandable microSD card slots. robot batteries also are removable, granting replacement of simply the battery and not the complete phone.
  3. Widgets
    Widgets, or self contained programs, add practicality and adaptability to robot devices. robot has way more to supply than Apple, like Battery appliance converted and Circle Launcher.
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  1. higher Hardware
    Some robot flagship phones vie well against iPhone, with higher hardware. The Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, as an example, out muscles the iPhone 6S and with a quicker processor, more RAM, exaggerated battery capability and higher screen resolution.
  2. higher Charging choices
    Android’s quick charging is engaging enough while not another additional robot charging perk: wireless.
  3. Infrared
    Why would you be happy that your robot has infrared? assume wireless cross-device interaction, and additional significantly, it will act as a TV remote.
  4. additional App decisions
    With robot devices, you’ll be able to buy apps outside the Play Store at places like Amazon.
  5. Custom Keyboards
    If you don’t like your Apple keyboard, your choices square measure restricted, whereas robot offers different decisions like Swiftkey.
  6. Google Play Is additional easy
    Both the Apple App Store and Android’s Google Play supply over 1,000,000 downloadable apps. However, the App Store has restrictions, like a compulsory iTunes interface and a demand that downloaded movies be compete on Apple devices.
    If you possess Associate in Nursing robot phone, then you’ve got an extra advantage of multitasking.This is as a result of it is wont to perform many tasks at constant time. as an example,you can browse on the web still as play music on your robot phone.
    Ease of Notification
    Every new activity that takes place among your robot phone like messages, email andall the opposite activities square measure displayed on your screen in real time as notifications. Yourphone can continuously be alerting so you may ne’er miss something that needs yourattention on your phone.
    There is a straightforward accessibility to many robot apps, that arefound within the play store
    This is one among the benefits of robot Phone that favors United Nations agency|those that|people who} love playingphone games and people who like downloading differing types of phone apps on theirdevices. this can be as a result of they’ll realize the free downloads that square measure found there in theapp market.
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